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Howto access BIOS on Asus laptops

Short answer is: Alt + F2

BIOS ( Basic Input/Output System) is needed when you want to change security settings or boot order or other system wide settings in general. Accessing BIOS on a Asus laptop is a bit different than on other machines since keys like F1, Esc or Del won't work.

Here's the complete guide:

  1. Turn Asus laptop on.
  2. During splash screen hit keys Alt + F2 (several times - just to make sure the machi…

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How to delete SIP account on Android

When using the new call application from Android's Kitkat (v4.4.3 or higher) one can set SIP accounts over Settings > Call Settings > Accounts > Internet calling (SIP) accounts.

But how to delete an account if it's not needed any more? The delete button was quite frankly "hidden" since bright grey and white were used as colours.

Simply tap on the lower right corner and a button for removing the account will show up.

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