Einstürzende G.B0I.DE

"In the Zone" with Mark Mahoney

I think when I’m tattooing, you know.. ideally when you’re doing it right you’re not thinking about anything. That’s when it’s good. It’s like.. that’s probably like meditation, whatever. When you doing it right your wheels aren't turning it all.

~ Wonder Mark

"In the Zone" with Morohoshi San

As I unite with the car, she travels and glows with my spirit. I lose myself in her being. All at once, I become the car. I can feel my tires rotating on the pavement and a divine sense of union with the road. There is no conscious effort to turn the wheel or press on the accelerator. Because I am the road as well as the car. We float in union through the night till everything just disappears except for a GLOW.

~ Morohoshi Shinichi